Jennifer Lawrence does something other actors wont, and its why she keeps improving
18.12.2015 02:25

Many actors say they don't like to watch their own performances. However, "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence doesn't feel the same way.

Despite the fact that it makes her uncomfortable, Lawrence feels like it's necessary to watch her own movies.

"I think it's important to watch my performances," Lawrence said. "It's kind of like an athlete watching, because I can see if I repeat something, or I didn't believe that moment, why? I think it's important to dissect yourself, but that's really hard to do because once you're watching it, it's done, and it's set in stone, and it survives forever. So when you watch something and you hate it, it's hard to sleep that night."

Lawrence plans to watch her latest movie, "Joy," with her parents at the premiere. The movie comes out December 25th.

Read fully article here : http://www.businessinsider.com/jennifer-lawrence-acting-joy-2015-12?IR=T


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