Jennifer Lawrence Admits She Crushed On Seth Meyers: ‘I Was Going To Ask You Out’
18.12.2015 02:15

OMG! Jennifer Lawrence revealed to Seth Meyers on Tuesday that she had feelings for the late-night talk show host. Can you believe that the ‘Mockingjay’ star once thought about asking him out?

Jennifer Lawrence, 25, dropped a huge bombshell Dec. 15 on Late Night with Seth Meyers while remembering her 2013 Saturday Night Live hosting gig. J.Law is known for being outspoken — and even awkward at times — and she didn’t disappoint! Seth Meyers, 41, is happily married, but it’s hilarious to think how things could have worked out if the pair did actually become an item!

The actress didn’t hold back revealing her then-plan to snag Seth. “I had a really big crush on you,” J.Law, who hosted SNL in January 2013 said, adding that she created a romance between the pair in her head “because I’m delusional”. She even admitted that she expected Seth to ask her out first! But, that never happened. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and ask him out later in the week — but cold water was quickly throw on that plan. 

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